Strong Final Fundraising Quarter Sends Baugh Into 2024 in Strong Position

Newport Beach, CA - - Congressional candidate Scott Baugh (R-CA47) announced that he finished 2023 having raised $1.92 million for the year, on the strength of a strong Q4 where he raised over $420,000. With his very low burn rate, Baugh enters the election year with over $1.7 million cash on hand.

“I am incredibly thankful to everyone that has supported my campaign this past year,” said Baugh. “We are taking this tremendous enthusiasm from a great 2023 and charging hard into the election year! Now more than ever, Californians are seeing a need for change in our state and country.”

Baugh’s fundraising muscle is apparent in comparison to his two main Democrat opponents. At the end of the 3rd quarter Baugh had over half a million dollars more cash on hand than either Democrat. We’ll have to see what they report for the end of the year. But either way these two Democrats will deplete all of their resources in an expensive, divisive battle for second place in the March top-two election, and go into the general election beaten up, and with scant resources on hand.

It is worth pointing out that Baugh’s expenditures through the end of Q4 have been an extremely low 11.1% of what he raised, while Min and Weiss spent closer to a third of what they raised. While we won’t know the year-end spending rates for Min and Weiss until they file their reports, through Q3 Min had spent 33.22% of the funds he raised, and Weiss spent 32.4% of the funds she raised — if you include the $225k she loaned herself. If you exclude her loan Weiss’ expenses are 39.65%.

 “There is still a long way to go in this race and we aren’t slowing down. There is too much at stake for our country. We are in the middle of an immigration crisis, family budgets are being slashed, politicians in Washington are mortgaging our children’s future, and the Middle East is in flames. We need a new direction and I will work hard to win this election, and bring strong leadership to Congress.”

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