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Securing the border

"Tall Fence and Wide Gate"

America is a generous nation and welcomes more than 1 million new legal immigrants each year to pursue the American Dream. Yet, 10 million immigrants have crossed our southern border illegally in the past three years, including drug and sex traffickers and terrorists. I believe in tall fences and wide gates. We should know who is entering our country and deny entry to those who wish to cross the border illegally. We should also revamp our immigration laws to allow more immigration with work visas where identified jobs can be filled.

Balance Budget

"Put a Bridle on the Spending Habits of Congress"

We must have a constitutional amendment to balance our budget each year. Without a requirement for a balanced budget, there will never be spending priorities set by Congress. It is unrestrained spending that causes inflation. Inflation is simply a tax by another means.

Ban Stock Trading By Members of Congress

"Eliminate Opportunities for Corruption"

Members of Congress should be banned from trading stocks with inside information. If you want to be a member of Congress, you should commit to suspending all stock trades. Too many members of Congress are getting rich off of inside information they learn from secret briefings. Insider trading is illegal for the American people and should be illegal for members of Congress.

Congressional Laws Should Apply to Members of Congress

"If it's good enough for the American people, it is good enough for members of Congress."

Congress routinely exempts itself from many of the laws it passes on the American population, including whistleblower protections, anti discrimination trainings, and the Freedom of Information Act. Congress even exempted itself from Obamacare Mandates! This is wrong. If it's good enough for the American people, it is good enough for members of congress.

Stop Deficit Spending

"Quit Robbing the Next Generation"

The American people do not expect Congress to solve the deficit in one year. But we are robbing the next generation. Congress should commit to reducing the deficit and work towards a balanced budget.

No New Taxes or Tax Increases

"Congress has a spending problem, not a revenue problem"

Federal spending jumped from $4.45 trillion in 2019 to $6.21 trillion in 2023, a whooping 40% increase in 4 years. We do not have a revenue problem in our federal government. Congress has a spending problem.

Make Congress Do Its Job

“Take your Article 1 Duties Seriously”

The federal government has issued over 1 million federal regulations because Congress passes incomplete laws and then delegates to federal agencies to fill in all the gaps that Congress refused to address. We have unelected federal bureaucrats passing more laws than Congress and governing our lives with no accountability. One way to fix this problem is to make Congress approve all regulations adopted by federal agencies before they go into effect.

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