Statement From Scott Baugh Regarding President Biden’s Visit to Orange County

“President Biden’s visit to Orange County is timed perfectly. After today’s report on inflation, the President and his enabler Congresswoman Katie Porter can explain why their massive spending and the resulting debt has been good for the economy and, more importantly, for the people of the 47th District,” said Baugh.

President Biden will be speaking on Friday, October 14 at Irvine Valley College in the 47th Congressional District, where one of the most watched congressional races in the nation is taking place. Republican Scott Baugh is challenging progressive Democrat Katie Porter.

“Economists agree that trillions in new spending from Biden and Porter overheated the economy and caused the worst inflation in many decades. Katie Porter voted for every one of Biden’s proposals and for over $22 TRILLION in spending measures in less than four years,” said Baugh.

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