Choice is critical when it comes to education. Too many kids are stuck in under-performing schools with parents feeling helpless against the education bureaucracy. Public schools, charter schools, private schools and home-schooling are all options that every parent should have.

I support charter schools and the creation of Education Savings Accounts that allow parents and students to access the state’s allocated per-pupil spending, currently close to $12,000, to pay tuition at private schools or spend on other expenses at any eligible school of their choice.


Scott Baugh is a Board member for the highly successful Orange County Gang Reduction Intervention Program (GRIP) that has reduced gang activity and made local neighborhoods safer.


Scott Baugh will attack out-of-control debt by prioritizing spending. He supports a balanced budget that can be achieved by reducing waste and ending bloated government programs that have outlived their usefulness.


As Assembly Republican Leader, Scott Baugh stood up to former Governor Gray Davis and forced the repeal of a new CAR TAX. Scott Baugh believes taxes on the middle class and small business are too high. Scott Baugh believes the new gas and car taxes imposed by the legislature should be repealed.


A business owner, Scott Baugh knows that excessive government regulations drive businesses and jobs away. He will fight to reduce the regulatory burden so the economy can keep growing.


Scott Baugh supports establishing border security that stops illegal immigration and opposes California’s crazy sanctuary city laws that defy the U.S. Constitution and tie the hands of law enforcement. Scott does not believe in amnesty to give citizenship to immigrants who have intentionally violated our immigration laws.


Scott Baugh opposed the recent budget bill because it expanded a bloated and inefficient federal government, wasteful programs and demonstrated no fiscal discipline. 


Scott Baugh supports a strong and effective military with the best equipped troops ready to meet any challenge. Scott wants better treatment for veterans and active duty families and will fight to reform the VA to make sure America’s vets are taken care of – because they deserve nothing less.


Scott Baugh understands that Russia is not America’s friend and that Vladimir Putin is not an adversary to be taken lightly. Scott believes that the United States and its allies need to stand together to support freedom and democracy. Scott is a strong supporter of Israel.


Scott Baugh opposes drilling off of the California coast. He believes government and businesses need to respect the legitimate science behind the challenge and reject the science manipulators in order to work together to effectively deal with climate change in ways that do not cost jobs or harm the economy.


Scott Baugh insists on respect of private property. He opposes opening homeless camps in local neighborhoods. Scott believes public safety must remain the number one consideration when addressing the problem. He supports increasing care and early intervention for the mentally ill. Certainly the homelessness is not going be solved from Washington, DC. We need real community-based solutions to this tragic problem.

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